Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of the week ...

The pool provided lots of entertainment for Will and quiet time for Mom and I...yay!
Will is all about holding his baby....poor Parker!
On Friday it was predicted to be rainy, so we drove down to Southport and rode the ferry over to the Fort Fisher Aquarium. While waiting for the ferry, Will and B fed the "ducks" (seagulls).
The fog and mist didn't stop them from walking around on the ferry's observation deck.
Fort Fisher Aquarium

Yep, Parker is still a big sleeper during the day and at night :)
Will checking out the alligator....hmmm not too sure of this animal!
B helped Will explore the touch tank at the aquarium
Saturday AP arrived bright and early, just in time to go to an egg hunt at the Grimes' beach house. Will picked up three eggs and !realized that there was candy inside and stopped to enjoy the sweets.
Whew! Resting after all of that work...picking up three eggs will wear you out!
Thanks Grimes family for having us over! Will devoured 2 Easter cookies and then said good bye to the bunny :)

Afterwards, we ate lunch at Sharkeys and then hit up the Family Day Festival at the OIB Museum. Fire trucks and Rescue boats were the big attraction for Mr. W.
So proud and so confident!

We put Will to bed and he begged us to go to sleep with his lawnmower. Whatever makes him happy! Mom and Dad said he was out in 2 minutes with his arms wrapped around it...too funny! AP and I packed up Parker and met our friends Ash and Kelly for drinks at their condo.

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Aunt Momo said...

Where is Will and I's crab picture?? I worked hard for that!