Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Week at OIB

We escaped for the week down at OIB. Mom and I took the boys down to the beach house and have been busy enjoying this awesome weather! Practically every morning has started with a walk and some park/playground time.
Will is practicing his painting skills for preschool in the fall.....we have a little ways to go!

Parker continues to go with the flow. He has spent some time laying down in the BOB watching his big brother run on the beach or around the playground.
We peddled down to the ice cream shop one night and met a playgroup buddy and family for some dessert! They look so cute (and grown up!) sitting here on the bench together!

Parker has spent a lot of time in the ergo on walks, shopping and even at the aquarium. By the way, this monkey pacifier is a huge hit with P (Will is a little jealous that we didn't have one for him when he was little).
I rented a bike for Will and myself for the week while are down here. He loves to wear his "hat" (helmet). One evening we road over 8 miles all over the island!
The water may be chilly, but it didn't faze W at all! He played for 2 straight hours the other day and was in pure heaven!

This week has been great, definitely a lot more responsibility with two on vacation even with the endless help from my parents and Aunt MoMo. Lets just say I was very excited to see AP arrive this morning! Wahooo! More pics from the rest of the week will be posted soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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Cynthia said...

OMG Parker's outfit is adorable. Must go find one for Ev! And I agree. Two is a lot of work!