Friday, March 2, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday was in the low 70's and it was only the 1st day of March! So we took advantage of the warm weather by playing at not one, but two parks that morning. We started off at the North Hills Country Club playground and then moved over to Shelley Lake an hour later.
I loved being able to watch Will from afar as I fed Parker on the bench. However, pretty soon I know I will have 2 boys to keep up! Hopefully, they will play together to make it easier on myself!
We eventually walked down to see the geese. Will sat there peacefully for a long time just taking it all in. Later, some kids showed up with a huge bag of fruit loops and he eagerly joined in on the feeding frenzy!
Looking forward to more warmer weather! Come on spring!

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Piscorik said...

He looks so old in these pics!