Friday, March 2, 2012

New Wheels to Celebrate the 3-0!

This was my birthday gift this year! Perfect for my triathlon this spring. Took it for a spin last night and I actually forgot how much fun riding a bike can be (minus the hills!). I also received a big gift card for some new triathlon gear from Dave and Susie, so come May, I should be set to go! Or at least, I will look the part, my overall time might be another story. But hey, as long as I finish in the middle of the pack, I will be happy!
I spent the day with my boys. We had a picnic outside, took a walk and even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Gigi's! For dinner, the fam went to Tyler's Taproom to celebrate and then Krispy Kreme for dessert!
This little guy can put away some doughnuts.
This is his face after consuming 2 1/2 doughnuts......ahh!

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