Monday, November 7, 2011

Its Fall!

We've been busy, but the camera hasn't been used much lately. My husband always sarcastically states that we haven't done anything "bloggable." I think we are all just recovering from the numerous Halloween activities, Will's cold and just sitting back and enjoying the fall weather.

This past weekend, we were pretty busy visiting with friends, neighbors and family. Friday night Will visited the Grimes family where the big boys played cars with him for an hour straight. He loves going over there and they are great babysitters for our little man! Saturday was called "Out of the Pews Day"at our church, where different teams completed various community service tasks throughout the Raleigh area. Adam joined the "Keeping Wake Warm" team, where he helped chop and deliver firewood to the needy. Later that night we dropped Will off to spend the night with Granny Pfanny so we could go to a friend's oyster roast. We were able to visit with old high school friends and even agreed to start a monthly supper club! fun times! Sunday was spent at church, napping and then a spontaneous potluck dinner with some neighbors!

This week, Will has a few play dates, but we will otherwise be using our time to pack for the Outer Banks for 5 days! AP is running a half marathon on Sunday with some friends! Go, Daddy Go!

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