Monday, October 31, 2011

Will's Costume Party

As you can tell from my child's numerous costume changes that I love Halloween. I think its a fun holiday to celebrate by dressing up, eating candy and getting together with friends. Will hosted his 2nd Annual Costume Party for his neighborhood friends Sunday afternoon. They all came dressed up for the event and nibbled on lots of SUGAR!!
My little dragon (his least favorite costume) just waddled around in the yard, swinging his tail and eating numerous chocolate covered pretzels!
Check out what hatched!
The doughnut game was a HUGE hit with the kiddos!
Sweet Ava decorating her pumpkin :)

We were so glad we rescheduled it for Sunday afternoon due to rainy/cold weather on Friday. The kids were able to play together on the swing set, eat lots of treats and the parents were able to socialize on the deck. Happy Halloweenie!

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David and Jennifer said...

Looks like Fun! We made the witch hat cookies too, Aniela loved them!