Friday, September 2, 2011

Running the Bases and Tumbling Tots!

We're back at the softball fields! Adam is playing on the church's softball team again this fall season. Will and I usually go if the games are early to cheer on daddy. Little man has a blast running all over the park, playing ball with other little ones and eating popcorn from the snack bar. After the game on Wednesday night, Will was determined to put on AP's cleats...he was so proud of himself!

Also this fall, Will is participating in his first gymnastics class at North Raleigh Gymnastics. He thoroughly enjoys the freedom of exploring, climbing, bouncing and running the entire 45 minutes we are there. His favorite two things to do are the trampolines and the big foam pit! He just jumped right in and had a blast rolling around with all of the foam blocks....too funny! (This picture was at the very end, when he had to sit on the step to receive his sticker...the only time he was STILL!)

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