Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue & Cue at the Zoo

This past weekend, we were baby-free for FOUR days! AP and I had a couple date nights and we traveled up to Blacksburg, Va attend the VA. Tech vs. ASU game with the Billers. Meanwhile, Will was with my parents down at Ocean Isle playing on the beach, eating Sunset Slushies and dancing at the beach music concert. After our pathetic loss to Va.Tech, we got up early to meet my parents in Smithfield (since they were on their way back from the beach) and picked up Will. Boy, did we miss this little guy! We got some snuggles and kisses and then drove a little further to Noah's Landing Zoo in Coats, NC. They were hosted their annual Blue & Que event. We ate some yummy bbq, listened to the blue grass band and met tons of animals!
Our friend Carie (her mom owns the zoo) was introducing lots of bugs to all the visitors. Kelly and Ashley came along too! See how excited Kel got meeting Milly the millipede!
We had a great day at the zoo and it was nice to be a family of 3 (almost 4) again!
One of Will's favorite parts was the music section where he did quite a few solo performances!

We look forward to going back for their annual Halloween Spooktacular-costumes, animals, decorations, Halloween-of course, we'll be there!

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