Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Busy Boy!

Will has been one busy boy lately! He continues to love his gymnastics class where a few buddies from playgroup attend as well. Liam and Will were having fun jumping on the squishy mats.
He hasn't quite figured out the balance beam yet, probably due to a lack of patience. However, he does enjoy crawling underneath it or sliding off it.
Foam pit is still a huge hit, however, for this pregnant momma its not the easiest to get in/out off so it may be off limits in a few months.
We've also been going to "Tot Time" at Lake Lynn. His buddy Jake was there last week too! Will loved all of the riding toys and the tiny basket ball hoop was a bonus as well.
Last week, we had some time before Adam's softball game so we hit up the indoor playground at the mall. Will was content just sitting on some of the rides, however, his daddy quickly cashed in some quarters so he could actually "ride" all of the rides. We had one happy boy!

Strickland Park has opened up near us so we were excited to finally check it out. Will quickly made friends with a boy named, Gage while we were there. The two boys dug in the sand and went down toddler slides together.

I love my time at home with this little guy and particularly love taking him to different places and observing how he interacts with different people and different environments. He is so much fun!

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Cynthia said...

Gage's mom knows Jill and a bunch of my friends ;)