Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy Time

Daddy is the first person Will wants to see each morning when he wakes up! Sometimes AP has already left for work so that leaves me with a sad boy on my hands repeating "Dadda" until he sits down to eat breakfast. Adam has been great about making sure to have some "Will time" when he gets home from work because it brings a HUGE smile to little man's face!
Will loves to go on evening walks with his Dad and Bella.
AP had a little helper when he was washing the boat last week.
After being at the lake for a guys weekend, Adam made it home just in time to take Will to Pump It Up for a birthday party on Sunday. They both came home very tired, but I know they had a great time together :) I love my boys!

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David and Jennifer said...

The teddy bear picture is precious!