Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Here!

The heat and our pool time have both increased over the last week and its only the beginning of summer! Last week, Will's friends came over for playgroup. We decided to have "water" as our theme, so out came a couple pools and the water table.
They gobbled up snacks and splashed around.

Friday night, we had the Billers and Wingates over for a cookout. It was nice once the sun went down and we could sit outside on the back deck and watch all of the doggies run around in the backyard.
Saturday, AP took Bella and Will on a long run, while this momma slept in! Yahooo! Afterwards, we grabbed coffee and biscuits and went and chose our campsite for the upcoming Woodlawn camping event...take 2 (hopefully no storms this time!) The rest of the day consisted of car washing, dog washing, pool splashing and lots of napping for all 3 of us! We ended the day by getting together with our small group from church, called "Table of 8" at Goodberry's for dessert. Will loved chasing the other kids around the fountain and eating his dripping ice cream cone!

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Anonymous said...

Will is really talented drinking from his sippy cup.