Monday, June 20, 2011

Camping with Kids!

5 tents, 8 kids, 24 hot dogs and 50 water balloons = one awesome, family camping adventure! The weather tried to ruin our second attempt at our neighborhood camping event, however, the rain stayed away and we had a very successful camping weekend! All the dads set up camp on Friday after work and had a guys' night. They said they ate like kings and went out on the boat the next morning. All the kiddos came out after naps for family-style camping on Saturday.
This was Will's first time camping and he did GREAT!
Here the kids are doing a craft with Tina (also referred to as the "Mary Poppins of Camping"!) Between her crafts, water balloons, scavenger hunt, read alouds and prizes, all the children were entertained!
Austin just held onto his balloon with this huge smile on his face- so precious!
We also celebrated the twins' 3rd birthday with some yummy cupcakes!
He slept in his pack n' play the whole night and then snuggled with us early in the morning. He had lots of kiddos waiting outside the tent for him to get up. We look forward to doing this again with our neighbors this fall, especially since all the kids went to bed so easily and the adults were able to enjoy a late evening sitting around the fire.

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