Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woodlawn Camping- Take One!

This weekend was full of outdoor fun! We camped (or attempted) to camp out at Falls Lake this past weekend with four other neighborhood families, however, the rain ruined our agenda! We still managed to set up camp, play on the playground, grill hot dogs/hamburgers, make s'mores and celebrate Grady's 2nd birthday all before the storm blew in!
While the dads set up camp, the kiddos played on the nearby playground. We actually had 2 great camp sites (right next to the playground and near the bathroom/showers).
The Moyes, Hepps and Peczes joined us for dinner and our own Woodlawn egg hunt! We had over a 100 eggs spread across a field and natural area and they had a blast collecting them.
We attempted to get a group shot.....oh well!
Baby Will participated and found just the perfect egg for him.

After dinner we had lots of marshmallows roasting and s'more making and later Tina showed off her Jiffy Pop skills over the campfire.
Then, right after dinner REAL fun started to rain with lightening and thunder. So we decided to go home for the night and meet back up for breakfast in the morning at the campsite.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great time and maybe a tradition!