Monday, April 11, 2011

Camping - Part Two!

After sleeping in our warm beds, we returned to the campsite to take down our tents and have breakfast. We had a huge buffet of food, Keurig machine serving coffee and the kids played some more.
Maya and Will having a conversation while enjoying some cheerios.
After hanging out at the camp site for a few hours, we all returned home and let our tents dry in the sun. Will had a great time crawling in and out of our tent as well as bouncing on the aerobed.
Later in the afternoon, AP took the boat out for a quick spin. Before he left little man played around on the boat. He was all smiles and squealing at the top of his lungs!
We ended Sunday evening by grilling out at the Stogners. Even with the rain, it was a wonderful weekend and we are thankful we have such fun neighbors to make memories with!

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