Sunday, February 27, 2011

Congrats Little Fishy!

Baby Will finished Level 1 swim lessons so that called for a celebration. He completed 8 lessons with AP, where they practiced splashing, climbing into the pool, blowing bubbles (he just drinks it and coughs...) and going under water! So of course, this called for a celebration!
Uncle Marshall, Aunt MoMo and BK came to watch the little fish swim around, however, the temperature of the water was a little chilly, so our little fish turned into a crab in just minutes. He has happy once he was out of the water and in his warm pjs :)
Aunt Amy, Uncle Marc, Ash, Kelly and Mimi joined the group at Yogurt Mountain for some "shark bite" cupcakes and yogurt :) We're proud of our little guy and look forward to seeing him splash around at the pool, lake and beach all summer!

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