Saturday, January 29, 2011

Museum Mania

Boo Winter! We are ready for some spring and summer weather! Recently, it has been too miserable to stay outside for long periods of time, so this week we resorted to some fun indoor play time at our local museums. After library time, we met up with Jennifer and Caitlyn at Marbles Museum. I really didn't anticipate Will being able to "do" very much since its more geared towards toddlers and elementary age children, however, he LOVED it! They actually have an infant section and the toddler community area worked just fine. He crawled and pulled up on everything and anything. He spent the most time in the submarine pushing all of the buttons and moving all of the steering wheels.

Later, in the week our playgroup went to the NC Science Museum for "Meet the Animals". It was a quick 15-minute program that introduced small animals (snake, dove, rabbit and a salamander). Afterwards, we explored the rest of the museum.
Check out how excited Liam is to be at the museum! ;)

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