Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gigi's with Mimi

We had a girls' night + Mr. Will while the boys (Dad, Marshall and Adam) had guy time at the Turkey Lounge Friday night. With the baby in tow, we started with dessert first at a cupcake shop called Gigi's. Nothing like eating in reverse order! One word. Awesome! Tons of flavors, lots of icing and a very cute shop. Some people may enjoy a wine tour, but I'm thinking of starting a East Coast Cupcake Tour....with a little running in between to burn the thousands of calories!
See-look at all that deliciously unhealthy goodness!
And we all left with smiles on our way to dinner!


Katie and Rick said...

I LOVE GiGi's but waaay too much icing for me.

Anonymous said...

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