Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catch up time!

Been on a blogging hiatus, but I'm back to documenting the life of the Teampfanny! Some of these are from Will's track out and other fall activities!

 Our pool stays open until the end of September so the younger three were able to squeeze in a few more swims before it officially closed for the season.  

 For Labor Day we managed to spend another weekend at Hyco.  The twinkies enjoy the mini pool, swinging in the swing on the dock and riding in the wagon with B.

 While Granny watched the babies one morning, I surprised the big boys with breakfast at Benelux and a fun morning at Pullen Park.  Will devoured his waffle and said it was the best ever!  Who doesn't love a waffle covered with nutella, strawberries and tons of whip cream?!

 Even though Will was tracked out in September, P's preschool starts that month. It consists of some calendar juggling, but it also allows some precious one-on-one time to be had with my big boy!  
 We spent this day exploring Durham and then came back to Raleigh to celebrate his awesome report card at MOD's pizza.  Way to go, Will!

Big boys are learning how to save and spend their own money.  So on this day we spent 8, 450 minutes looking at toys.  They were very cute and proud of their purchases.

 Over track out we also squeezed in a few days down at OIB.  We spent lots of time on the beach, geocaching and eating yummy seafood with Mimi and B.

 We spent a beautiful Saturday celebrating the marriage of a good friend and former teammate.  Between the ceremony and reception we checked out the new beergarden downtown with Mom and Dad.

 P is loving school!  He continues to talk all about his friends and is constantly praised by his teachers for being so sweet, sharing and his manners!  Boom!

 Another fun lake trip - sister is definitely the more controlling of the two.  Sweet Connor mirrors P is so many ways and Caroline and W are cut from the same cloth as well.  

 This kid is pumped because he can now knee board :)

 Wagon rides down to the dock! Wheeeee!

 NCMA hosted a fantastic puppet show one evening.  We had a family night and all 6 of us went.  It was 2 1/2 hours long and only towards the end did the twins get restless.  It was very creative and the last scene had large owls come out into the crowd.  The art and craftsmanship was amazing!

We also spent another Saturday exploring a small town called Saxapahaw.  My parents took the big boys to the lake, so we decided to take the twins exploring. We ate brunch at the General Store, hiked some trails and had a beer at their tiny pub.

On the way home we stopped in Chapel Hill and visited the Honeysuckle Tea House. It was a fun day with just the twins and exploring new places!  We also decided two kids is a piece of cake- four just takes more planning, but we wouldn't change it for the world! We love our crew!

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