Monday, August 3, 2015

Friends and Family on July 4th

 Back to Hyco we went for the 4th of July weekend.  We had lots of friends and family pop up for the long weekend which always makes it more fun!  The Blinds came up for the day with their parents on Thursday.  We mostly just swam and sat around on the dock as the weather was pretty rainy.

Next on Friday the Wingates came for the weekend.  Sweet Cole and the big boys had fun playing together.

 Picnic and playtime at a nearby church playground.

 Granny, Grandpa, Marc and Amy came up for the day on the 4th.  We traveled over the other side of the lake and watched the boat parade too - quite choppy!  Another reason we love our little cove!

Happy Birthday America!

 Our neighbors on an awesome firework show for the whole cove to enjoy!  We were able to sit on the dock and watch some huge fireworks fill the sky!

 Mimi and B added paddle boards to the lake house.  Lots of fun and an even greater workout!

 Miss America playing it cool in the pool

 The next door neighbors have a little boy Will's age.....they all play for hours each time we visit!

 On Sunday, we spontaneously invited our small group up the lake and 7 out of 8 families were able to come!
We had a wonderful and jam packed 4th of July weekend! Hope you did too!

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