Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Time!

 We have jumped right into summer and loving it!  The warm weather, the late nights and no school schedule!  On the last day of school the kiddos had a few presents congratulating them on their school year.  
 They were ecstatic over the snackeez.  Thank you infomercials.   I texted A at work and told him that you would have thought we surprised them with a trip to Disney by the way they reacted over these things.  ha!
 We've already knocked a few things off of summer bucket list too.  One of the activities was to watch an outdoor movie at Koka Booth.  Done!  We met up with some friends from small group and together we watched "Hero 6."

 We also love an impromptu neighborhood camp fire that includes s'mores!

 The boys are lucky to have good buddies on either side of our house.  Together this group (and sometimes more!) hop the fences and travel as a pack across all three yards.  On this day, they were the Woodlawn Frog Hunting Club.  They worked as team to build Frank the Frog a new home, couch and all.

Took a few pics (OK, maybe 689 pics) of my crew.  Love them all to pieces and look forward to another fun summer before W goes off to Kindergarten!

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