Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Annual Woodlawn Camping Trip

 Each year several families from the neighborhood arrange a camping trip at Falls Lake. This year we had 7 families camp and it was awesome!  We always reserve the same campsites that back up to a huge field and a playground (i.e. more space for us and keeps the kids entertained for hours).

 Our little home for the night (actually the twins and I went back home after s'mores).  I'm all for camping, but not with 4 month old twins.  No thanks :)  They were good sports though.  They were held by everyone there, rolled around on a blanket :)
 I dyed noodles for their camping necklaces.  
 Otherwise, you found the kids playing various games on the playground, searching  for bugs in the big field or eating!

 The little bug catcher.  I see you, P!

 Some of the Dads grilled dinner

 Lots of children- lots of food!

It was a great night and really neat how all the kids get along so well.  We couldn't ask for better neighbors and we obviously really enjoy spending time with them :)  The only bummer of this trip was at 5:30 AM Will said his tummy hurt and threw up in the tent.  Adam cleaned up W, woke up P and drove them both home.  That is a bonus of camping nearby!  He later went out later and enjoyed a campfire breakfast and packed up with everyone.  W appeared to be fine afterwards, he said he ate too many cheese balls.  Well, lesson learned!

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