Thursday, March 12, 2015

33 - what? what?

Getting older and closer to 40.  Pretty much a direct quote from my lovely sister :)  Regardless, 33 was celebrated with a staycation in downtown Raleigh.  Started the day off with lunch with my family.

Afterwards, we dispersed the children at both of the grandparents' houses and off we went!  The twins have been doing a pretty good job of sleeping, but this momma was looking forward to some DEEP sleep!  We started with the Madri Gras event on Fayetteville St.,
 from there we hopped over to Crank Arm Brewery and did some shopping at Deco (such a cute store!).  Next, we had a beer over to Tasty, walked over and checked out the new Boxcar Barcade (so neat and family friendly! Just bring lots of quarters!)  Then we walked over to check out the exhibits at the CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) and ate a scrumptious meal at Poole's Diner.

And are you ready for this? We did all of this before 7:00pm.  Like in bed and snoring by 7:30pm.  So awesome!  After 12 hours of amazing, non-interrupted sleep, we rain through the rain to Buku for delicious brunch and then headed home to snuggle with all four of our babies!  

Do you think they missed us? Nope
Thank you Granny and Grandpa for watching Parker and Caroline and Mimi and B for watching Will and Connor.  Hopefully, there are more of these to come!!

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