Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Week 2015

Whenever it snows here in Raleigh, the entire city shuts down. Like 1 inch of snow/ice = no school for the rest of the week. True story.  So with the snowflakes/sleet coming down, this group of neighbors always prepares for the upcoming storm with the necessities: beer, milk and food (in that order)  And then head over to whoever is brave enough to handle the whole Woodlawn crew.  This year the Stogners hosted and fireball was the drink of choice!  Can you tell we are going to be sad and miss this group when we move?!!!

Also, it ain't a party, like a Woodlawn party because a Woodlawn party don't stop...even if Batman arrives!

 The next morning was nice and slick outside.  Parker spent most of the day on his knees crawling whenever he wasn't sledding.  Mr. Cautious :)

 Then we met up with the rest of the neighborhood on "sledding hill." It was so much fun and our radio flyer sled was perfect for the conditions.  It was so fast!

 And if a sled wasn't avaiable, Shamu was!

 Happy Snow Day ~ Love, The Pfanmillers

 After two days of nonstop sledding and playing in the snow/ice, we spent the 3rd day mostly inside doing experiments and baking.
 The bird won't be hungry over this way! We have two new feeders for them to enjoy.

 As if we didn't have enough snow, we decided to make indoor snow.  Its pretty neat to watch it form and its not cold to touch- awesome!  Lots of sensory play on this day!
 That evening, some of the girls in small group braved the conditions for high tea (or a "snow tea") at Sarah's house.  It was so fun!  We enjoyed tea sandwiches, scones, tea and wine all sitting by the fire.

Such a fun week!  Couldn't pass up on posting this picture.  Some moments Will's expression is how I feel with 4 kids, but this past week was so fun and I loved spending time with all of them.

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