Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rescued Friends at the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago Daddy went to the boat show and to a concert with friends, so we decided we needed a little adventure too!  Aloha Zoo has been on our little bucket list for a while so off we went!  This zoo is very unique because all the animals have been rescued (i.e. the giraffe was found in someone's garage, bear was rescued from an abusive circus, the pot-bellied pig had been tied up for 2 years to a pole)  Even though most of their past is pretty sad, their new homes and life at Aloha is pretty awesome!

You can walk around and feed a variety of animals, some are even free roaming.  

Parker took his job of carrying the feed very seriously :)

Meet Stretch!  The kids fed her lots of carrots.

The big attraction is riding the safari train through the zoo and viewing over 200 animals and feeding tons of them!

On the way out we visited with a 9 day old goat.  The kids had a blast and we hope to come back again soon!

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