Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life as SIX

Saying that we are a family of SIX feels weird.  Actually, saying that we are parents to FOUR children, ages 4 & under appears to be even more weird.  Since the twins have arrived life has been crazy, calm and everything in between. Would we change it? Not for a second! We love our two little additions and know that our family is now complete. 

 The two big brothers are used to going on adventures (or "caventures" as Will calls them), whether its to various parks, museums and etc.  However, with flu season in full swing we are trying to keep Caroline and Connor at home as much as possible.  So getting out and exploring is forcing us to get creative with who goes and who stays behind. (Luckily, we also have some awesome grandparents who have gone above and beyond to watch any number of children too.)

Our first family of 6 outing consisted of having breakfast at Rise in Durham.  The boys enjoyed the doughnuts, Momma/Daddy sipped their coffee and C&C slept in their car seats covered up. :)

 The weather was nice a couple weekends ago and we all went up to the elementary school with our bikes/stroller and played on the playground.

 The boys braved the cold weather at the Life & Science Museum and then Marbles with Mimi and B.  Will has brought his little friend Presley along too.  (And Parker is in LOVE with her!)

We all got our roll on at Jellybeans in Wake Forest.  We dropped off C&C and took the big boys rollerskating.  Whew!

 On Mondays, P spends the day with B & Mimi.  They went to the Rainbow Room and after an hour of playing he said, "I need to take a break and rest."

 Will hasn't gone without any 1 v. 1 time either.  Last Sunday, he went with Adam up to App Ski Mountain for the day to try out his new snowboard that he got for Christmas.  Adam took the GoPro has some awesome footage of Will boarding down the hill.  They both came home proud of their efforts that day!

  Adam and I have even managed a couple of date nights in the last 5 weeks.  One evening was spent outside at the fire pit at The Angus Barn and last Friday night we went out with all the neighbors (12 couples) for a post holiday get together!

Then it was quickly back to snuggling these two!  Love!

Two funny stories:
1)  Will has declared Caroline the princess and Connor the  King and is pretty certain that they are going to get married.  Too funny! 

2) I've done some purging and loaded up the car with several bags of old clothes/toys and etc.  Will wants to know who this "Good Will" boy is and why he is getting all our stuff.  This kid!

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