Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 2015

 Even though we aren't able to be outside as much as we like, we are still out and about and exploring!  On a day that started off as a PJ day, quickly turned into a quick picnic at the North Carolina Museum of Art (due too many wrestling matches).  The boys explored the reflecting pool, while the babes napped and I sipped my coffee.  At one point, I did overhear the oldest exclaim, "Oh cool my shoe floats!"  Needless to say, we left before anyone (ahem, Will) got any ideas of creating their own polar bear plunge.
 One of our good friends hosted an event at Raleigh Brewing Company called "Beers and Bassets."  The Carolina Bassett Hound Organization was raising money for their program.  So we did what any family of 6 would do, pack up all the kids and head on over to the bar!  Actually, it was really kid friendly and lots of doggies to mingle with.  A doggie kissing booth was a hit with W and P.  They enjoyed putting money in the bucket and receiving some slobbery kisses in return.  

 Two of my favorite blokes, one enjoying a Hound IPA and the other one some delicious milk. ;)

 Big Kids night out!  Daddy went to a hockey game with Grandpa and Uncle Marc, the babies were with Granny, so W and P went to Chickfila and have a late night dessert at Sola.

 Will had snack last week.  He could have cared less what he took in, but I had fun!

 For the last 3 years, we have taken the kids up to Boone to ski for New Years.  Parker and I usually watch over the bunny slope while Will and AP work their way down.  Well this year with the twins being so young, we decided it was best for just Will and Adam to go.  Adam took some great video on the goPro of Will testing out his new snowboard that he got for Christmas.  Glad these two could get away and have fun together!

Parker's 3rd birthday finishes off the month then it is onto February. One month closer to spring!

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