Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween Fun!

 The month of October is always packed full of fun!  Near our house there is a pumpkin patch that has a huge blow-up pumpkin.  The kids always enjoy running around it each year. So we made a deal with them, if they both got their flu shots one Saturday morning, they could visit the pumpkin patch in costumes.  Deal was made and there were no tears receiving their shots either! win win for everyone!
 This cute puppy dog went to Halloween Hoot with Mimi at our local library.  He sure is one cute dog!
 Since W wasn't feeling well, we decided to get some fresh air on the back deck and paint some pumpkins.  After about 10 minutes he was done and quickly moved onto the swing set.  At least he was feeling better!

 Lafayette Village hosts lots of family friendly events throughout the year.  We went to their Halloween social where they had trick-or-treating at all the shops, princesses and Spiderman characters walking around and then an outdoor movie on the lawn.  We met up with the Clarks and the Woodlawn neighborhood and had a great time, until the movie got scary :)

 Caroline and Connor are still cooking and proving the doctors wrong by them thinking that they would arrive by Halloween.  As of today, we are 35 weeks and holding strong! 

 Another fun HOA event in the neighborhood!  Woodlawn's Oktoberfest was held down at the pool where they had a pig pickin', face painter and a photo booth.  After we ate, we moved onto our church's fall festival.  Our pirate and EMT got dressed quickly and were ready for candy!

 They played lots of games, won candy and then played on the playground with lots of friends until it got dark.  Our small stayed for a while and had a great time chatting while all the kids played.

 Mimi and B had us over for Halloweenie s'mores one evening on their new patio/fire pit.  

 Will's class was allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween.  Such a sweet group of kids!

 Our dragon and Ninja turtle were ready for trick-or-treating......then P requested another costume instead.  Now, we are ready....monkey and dragon then hit up the neighborhood with Daddy while Amy, Marc, Marshall, Morgan, Mimi, B and myself sat around the fire pit and handed out candy to all of our trick-or-treaters! Happy Halloween!

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