Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby Reveal Party

With it being July 4th and family in town, Granny and Grandpa hosted a cookout for both families so they could all find out the sexes of our babies.  Adam and I found out 5 days earlier and were able to keep it a secret from everyone!

 Adam filled two appliance boxes with balloons - Box #1 (Baby A) contained blue balloons.  Box #2 (Baby B) contained pink balloons.  The video of this reveal is so fun to watch to see the excitement on everyone's faces! 
 Our family pic of the evening- Pink and Blue - yahooo!  We are so excited and thrilled to have one of each this time around!  We also announced their names that night as well - CONNOR JOSEPH and CAROLINE MORGAN
 Let the shopping begin!  Between Mimi, MoMo and myself she has some pretty awesome dresses!
But don't worry, Connor won't be the hand me down child forever, we've purchased some new and cute stuff for him too!

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