Monday, May 5, 2014

"Horsebike Riding" with Wild Will!

 We continued to celebrate with the cowboy theme by horseback riding on Saturday.  Or if you ask Will, he will call it "horsebike riding."  Mimi, B and MoMo tagged along for this adventure and we all did a trail ride with the birthday boy!  (Parker went over to Hot Momma's since we knew he wouldn't want to ride.)

 Will had to retrieve his pony from the pasture.  He loved this and thought he was a real cowboy before any riding had even started!
 The whole group! We just finished practicing and now we are off on our trail ride!

 Will loved it!  Such a fun outing with our big boy ;)
 After we put away our horses, we fed a llama, emu, pig, ducks and lots of goats.  Our little cowboy has definitely been around some farms because he was more comfortable feeding them than his Daddy! ;)
We finished off the day by heading over to Mimi and B's house for a superman party!  Capes and cake were a big hit with both of the boys.  Happy Birthday Will!

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Jennifer Piscorik said...

So much fun!! Love your cross body bag! Where did you get it??