Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stopping Hunger One Meal at a Time

 Stop Hunger Now Event was hosted by our church's outreach committee this past weekend.  For months, a variety of fundraisers and events have taken place to raise the needed $5,000 to prepare meals for those in need.  Our small group decided that as a group we would raise $1,000 towards this charity and we did!
 It is a very organized process/event.  We scooped, measured and weighed the food as a group while listening to music with the other 100 volunteers in our fellowship hall.

 H was a team player and did an awesome job scooping up the rice :)

 The Bailey family was there too!  These hair nets looked glamorous on us all :)

A group shot before we headed to Chuy's for lunch.  Such a great day and so glad we could participate in this event and give back to those in need.

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Tiffany @ This Whole House said...

this is sooooo much fun and i love that y'all did this!! y'all are such a fun family. :)