Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our New Years!

 Up the mountain we go! For the second year in a row, we took the kids skiing for a quick vacation.  We went straight to Blowing Rock Brewery where we celebrated cold beer and whole milk! Cheers!
 Next, we played at our favorite park in the High Country and then did a quick family hike over at Bass Lake.  Horses and dog walkers were bundled up and walking/trotting around the lake.

P loves the backpack carrier.  As usual, he just sits there and looks around :)

While Will searched endlessly for the perfect hiking stick :)

After a quick swim at the hotel, we went over to the Cash's house for dinner.  So thankful to catch up with them and enjoy a delicious dinner at their home.  The kids enjoyed playing together too!

The next morning, we hit up the bunny slope at App Ski Mountain where Will showed off his skills.  So much better than last year and will definitely be riding the chairlift and going down the greens next trip!  He will also be 4 so he will be eligible for SKIwee school and then we will most likely be working with P on the bunny slope :)  Awesome!
Such a trooper, this kid!  He just chugged his milk and ate nutter butters while watching from the deck.  

 Such a fun morning!  We had a quick snack from the lodge and then went back to the suburban to warm up and watch a video on the ipad.  That allowed AP to hit the slopes with his snowboard for an hour.  It worked out perfectly and everyone was tired, but happy as we headed back home.

With it being NYE, AP  and I decided to test out the new projector.  So after the kiddies were snuggled in their beds, we enjoyed a movie against the garage door, fire and some wine. 

The next morning we participated in the Annual New Year's Day at the Eno River State Park.

 Our attempt for a family pic and our 2014 sign :)
Our fierce leader led us the whole way, talking nonstop of course!
Happy 2014!

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Tiffany said...

so fun!!! we are taking the older two skiing in 3 weeks so this gives me much hope!!