Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Full season of Fall

 Soccer continues to be entertaining to say the least.  Lots of running, giggling and games of tag, but not much contact with the ball.  We would rather do the chicken dance in the middle of the field with a buddy than join the game, but he is happy and runs towards the field when it is time to play!  Will thing he doesn't lack are fans! Aunts, Uncles and grandparents drive over to see the little guy play (or run around aimlessly!)

 We hit Fire Safety Day at our local high school and ran into a few friends.  Ian and W are in preschool together and have know each other since they we started playgroup almost 3 years ago!
 Wild Man in action!
 On Tuesday mornings, one of Will's little buddies hangs out with us.  Olivia and Will get along great and she is so fun to have around!
 One week he is all about the trampoline and then the next he couldn't get enough of the buckets.  Silly kid!  His little friends, Banks and Bailey are in his class too!
 It might be fall, but it is still HOT!  We hit up the mist area at the Life and Science museum last week to cool off.

 What do you do when your child is aware that free doughnuts (1 dozen to be exact) are being given out at Krispy Kreme for their "Pirate Day" and you don't feel like driving downtown? You oblige and tell him he can wear his pirate gear (and cowboy hat too!) and you drive 2 miles down the road to Dunkin Donuts and buy him a doughnut.  He thought it was awesome :)

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