Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mustache Bash at Mayo Lake!

 Instead of visiting the mountains this past Labor Day weekend, we checked out a new lake, Mayo Lake with the Kelly family.  The cabin was made out of 3 tobacco barns and it was so cute inside!  We also enjoyed being able to walk straight down to the water, the dogs especially!
 Lots of wake boarding and wake surfing was done over the 4 days we were there.
 You can't see Will, but he is actually wake surfing with Adam behind the boat.

 There's our mini wake surfer!  (They surfed together for almost 20 minutes and when it was over, Will said, "Daddy that was awesome! I love shredding!"  That made Adam's year!

 On Saturday night, we had a 60th Mustache Bash party for our Dad.    He has had a mustache all of our lives, so we felt this theme was fitting.  Plus, we loved searching and buying all of the fun mustache decor!

The whole gang sporting their staches!  Happy Birthday BK! It was a great weekend. 

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