Friday, June 21, 2013

Giving Back with Small Group

 When our small group initially met we decided that we wanted to incorporate community service in the mix of all of our get-togethers.  The 8 families typically meet up 3 times a month (girls' night, guys' night and then a family night).  Last weekend some of us volunteered at the GCF (Goodwill Community Farm).  All crops are harvested and donated to the NC Food Bank.

The neat thing about this service project is that it was so organized and very family friendly. Elementary kids and up are encouraged, however, Baby Emmie handled it like a champ in the ergo!
Once they gave us our hats, gloves and instructions we were off to pick blueberries!

Cutest little helpers of the group!  D and H were awesome and so fun to hang out with that day.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at a local pizza place and cooled off  in the A/C.  So glad we were able to do this and give back!  Looking forward to taking Will and Parker later down the road too!

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