Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daddy Daycare

 While this Momma was away, AP kept the kids busy!  Car washing and some yard work took place on day one.
 An early morning boat ride - Will probably eating 1 of his 3 bagels that morning :)

 Parker couldn't hang so he took his morning nap on the boat.  Love my flexible nappers!
 Guys weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to Lowes or
 fort building!
 The biggest excitement that weekend was visiting NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.
 Will is still talking about all of the trains he saw with his Daddy!

A little park time before heading home for lunch and naps.  

Love how AP planned all of his fun activities for the kids and enjoyed it as much as I do.  He even watched Baby Estelle one day and took all 3 to the park :) Thanks to Hot Momma (Grimes family) one night and Granny another night he was able to play in his last softball game and go to the Durham Bulls with the guys from small group.  

 Thanks for taking time off from work and hanging out with the nuggets for 5 days :) I'm glad Daddy Daycare went so well and you all had so much fun!

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