Sunday, April 21, 2013

Will's 3rd Birthday Party

 Its hard to believe, but my big boy is turning 3 this week!  Will had a dog themed birthday party at Williams Park with paw print cupcakes, puppy chow, PB&J dog bone sandwiches and a "dog food" cake. 

 Morgan and P ready for the party to start!

 MiMi and B with their grandkiddos

 Chocolate cake, icing and some cocoa puffs on top! Yummy!

 P squeezed into his doggy jon jon for his brother's party :)

 Oh my! Look who showed up to Will's party!  Clifford!  All the kids loved the surprise :)

 Team Pfanny and Clifford

 Aunt Amy, Granny and P watching the kids play on the playground.

 An attempt at a group shot with Clifford.  Instead it turned into a leaf fight with Clifford. 
 This kid played, ran, ate and played some more!

 "Thanks for coming to my party, Clifford" - Will

Instead of presents this year, Will collected donations for the SPCA.  His friends brought dog treats, food, leashes and toys.  We hope to go by the SPCA and drop off all of these donations! Thanks everyone!

Also, a big thank you to Uncle Marshall and Uncle Marc for putting on the big read suit for this party!  You both did great and all the kids loved meeting Clifford!


Anonymous said...

great pic of Mimi, B and boys

Katie and Rick said...

What a fun party! You are so creative. I love the idea of donations instead of toys, I might have to steal that idea.

Brandi Walker said...

What a cute idea, Megan! You are meant to be a party planner.

mark lawrence said...

Amazing photos from his birthday party. Everyone seems to be enjoying this bash thoroughly. One of my cousins is also going to host a grand bash on her son’s birthday. The bash will be organized at one of local garden NYC venues.