Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter at OIB

 Easter 2013 was spent down at OIB.  We went for the weekend and crammed a lot of fun!  Before we even went over the bridge, we visited with Franklin the turtle.  Obviously, Will was petrified and did not enjoy it whatsoever.
 Saturday morning we visited with the Grimes family (aka "Hot Momma" to Will) and the kids were invited down to their neighborhood Easter hunt and party.  Will was more interested in playing with cars and trucks with the big boys.

 The local museum was hosting a carnival so we stopped and visited with the firemen and played on the playground.

 That night we went to dinner and then met up with the Hazells for an ice cream date :)
 My little cutie :)
 We loved walking out on the beach in the morning.  So peaceful and calm
  It makes him look like a baby I know, but I couldn't resist putting him in Will's old Easter bubble.  It was quite chilly Easter morning, so he changed into his seersucker suit soon after :)   
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!   We enjoyed our quick trip to the beach and look forward to returning later this spring and summer.

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