Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will and Parker's LUCKY day

 Will loves Farmer Mary and all of her animals. Saturday morning she was outside of NOFO, so we stopped by for a quick visit on our way to the parade.  Will walked right up and started petting the her new lamb and then held a bunny.  Usually, he prefers the bigger animals (llamas, goats, donkeys, etc.) and could care less for the little ones, but he was eager to show Daddy all of Farmer Mary's friends.

 We found a perfect spot for the parade and had a picnic lunch before it began.
 The boys enjoyed waving their flags and eating their Lucky Charms snack :)
 We must of picked the perfect spot because Will collected tons of Candy, fireman hats, beads, magnets, cups and etc. from all of the parade people :) 
 We even saw our favorite Irish dancers, Mac and Sarah Pate!
MoMo came along which we were so thankful for because by 1:45 our kids were DONE! They were both sound asleep by the time we got down to the bottom level of the parking deck! So what do two parents and an aunt do then?  We traveled down Hillsborough street and parked at the front door of a new brewery, rolled the windows/sun roof down and sat on a bench in front of the brewery and enjoyed a St. Patty's Day drink :)  We love mobile napping!

We rounded out the day by squeezing in softball practice for AP and dinner at Granny's that night! Perfect Saturday!

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