Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping, Hunting and Cheesing!

 We were supposed to camp at Falls Lake for our Annual Woodlawn Camping Trip.  We had 6 families ready to go, however, when the predicted temps were supposed to be in the 30s at night, we said forget it!    Instead we had some indoor camping and this child was estatic.  Plus, he never knew of the original plan.  (1 point Momma!)
 Hunting was on the agenda for Saturday Morning, egg hunting that is!  Our church hosted its Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Will collected eggs for a few minutes, but was distracted by all the toys in the sandbox.  P remained still and watched all of the activity.  Come to find out, he had an ear infection. 

 Sunday they looked too cute not to take some pics, so after church the boys did some cheesing :)
 Little and Big :)
Love my boys!

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