Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bear Hunting with Tots

 Bear Hunting was our theme last Friday for our neighborhood buddies.  We read the book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, made our own binoculars and then searched for bears along the trail behind the house. 

 Searching and searching...such good little hunters!
 Ahhhh! We found SIX bears behind our house...yikes!
 At the end, we found a bear cave with snacks!
 Since it was FREEZING out we hibernated inside the house and gobbled up our teddy grahams.
 The fun didn't stop there!  Our friends left and we met Daddy at Defy Gravity for an hour. 
 Will and AP jumped on the trampolines, bounced into the foam pit and played trampoline basketball.
Thought for sure the kid would take a 3-4 hour nap that afternoon.  Nope! 1 hour!  Can we say over stimulation?!!!  Oh well, it was a fun Friday and we were glad to see Daddy during the day :)

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