Thursday, December 20, 2012

No Rules- Just Play!

"No Rules" is pretty much the theme at 3 Bears Acres out in Creedmoor, NC.  Its a 50 acres of just pure fun! There is a huge jumping pillow, swings, hay maze, a mud pie station, sand box, paddle boats, sledding, paint station and awesome play fort area.  We stayed for 3 1/2 hours and my little man left crying because he was not ready to go home, however, it was past nap time and this momma was worn out just watching the child run full speed ahead for that long.
Our buddy, Will met us there and the two of them had fun.

Making mud pies :) Delicious!

He was pretty serious about his painting.  Art is definitely one area in which Will actually now shows an interest in.  (Thank you preschool!)

Love the tire swing horses!

One of my favorites! Continues to capture both of their personalities perfectly!

This boy loves water and even more so when there is a boat involved.  So P stayed on dry land with a nice momma who offered to watch him while she nursed her baby and off Will and I went on the paddle boat. 
Obviously, it was too much work for him and he prefers Daddy's ski boat instead??

Back to the play fort we went before taking a few more turns down the sledding hill.  Even P and I went and it was awesome!

We will be back lots this winter and spring because we are now annual pass holders! whoop!  This place is perfect for my little guy and whats not to love with all of the freedom of playing outside?!  Come with us sometime!


Anonymous said...

Granny wants to go!

Katie and Rick said...

Wow! I want to go check this out