Monday, December 3, 2012

More Christmas Cheer!

 Saturday morning we attended "Breakfast with Santa" event at our church.  After the kiddos ate their pancakes, biscuits, sausage and bacon, they were able to sit on Santa's lap.  Parker actually just looked nervous this time instead of screaming steps maybe?!
 Clearly, playing with Mr. Tim and construction cones was highlight of the morning!
 We left the breakfast and I then took my little reindeer with me to participate in the Jingle Bell 5K race downtown.  Will liked his antlers and even Baby P wore his for majority of the race :)
 It was a fun event, easy course and tons of great festive costumes to look at!

 The Christmas energy continued after naps as we prepared for the Woodlawn Progressive Dinner Family Style!  We did one a few years ago, however, I think the group had only 3 babies at that time.  This night we rotated to four different homes with 7 families (15 kids!!!).
 We doubled up with the Nobles and started off the night hosting appetizers and cocktails over here for the crew.
 Your choice of beverage was endless- anything from eggnog to Guinness reinbeer!
Just a little bit of noise/chaos taking place :) 

 As we traveled from house to house the boys road happily in their red sled (holding onto Daddy's beer of course!) ;)
 Or they joined in on the Christmas Train while they crossed the street with Mr. Brandon as the conductor!
 A little Christmas cookies and crafts to end the night!

Then, we all went home and enjoyed a SILENT NIGHT!

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