Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Visit of the Season!

 Will has been talking about "HoHo" (aka Santa) a lot lately.  Maybe because I brought out their Christmas jammies??  Anyways, this morning Will had his first dentist appointment and I promised him if he listened to the dentist then I would take him to see Santa.  The child rocked his appointment like a champ! 

 Last year he was 50/50 each time we visited Santa.  Today while I was getting Parker out of the stroller, Will had already marched up to Santa and was saying, "I want Nolan and Parker wants Percy."  (Mr. Smarty Pants thinks he has it figured out how to get two new trains by speaking for his little brother. ha!)

Glad our first visit went well and that we are now in the Christmas spirit!

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Tim said...

Aw, it's a shame Ev doesn't have that outfit for this year!! (I think this is going to post as Tim but its Cynthia.)