Friday, October 12, 2012

Trial Run for Halloween

 Its almost time for Halloween!  The Halloween events, parties and trick-or-treating are right around the corner!  I just love seeing my little ones in various costumes and looking at their cuteness.  Maybe that is why I have a habit of buying numerous costumes each year?!! The other night we had a Halloween fashion show.  Will hadn't seen most of them and got so excited.  Here are some of the costumes they will be rockin'!
 Aren't they they cutest little parrots you have ever seen?  I think AP and I need some pirate costumes to complete the theme!
 Look at this cute little doggie in the window!! 
 Parker and Will both have this spider costume too! EEEk!
This was one tired cowboy. All of the costume changes wore him out! 

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Jennifer Piscorik said...

Love the parrots! Although the spider is close second!