Friday, October 12, 2012

Trains and Ta Tas!

 We didn't have any plans for Wednesday so I took the kids to the Life & Science Museum (we are loving our membership- thanks MiMi!).  We went straight to the playground, ate our picnic and then went to the dinosaur trail.  While W dug around for bones, I snapped this cute pic of Parker. Such a cute pumpkin!
 Will was fascinated with the sailboats.  He loved "driving" them from the various steering wheels placed around the pool
 Two happy boys ready for the conductor to yell, "All Abooooarrrrrdddd!"
 Have you checked your Ta Tas lately?  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So we painted a pumpkin pink!
 Will was all business while painting.  See the serious face and the tongue sticking out?  This one is for you Aunt Ruthie!
Happy October!

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Jennifer Piscorik said...

That little baby is so cute!