Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Trackout Treat!

 Granny is tracked out and she wanted to do something fun with the kids.  So I suggested the N.C. State Fair!  We went right after it opened this morning and we all had a great time!
 First stop the petting zoo and yes, we did wash, wash and wash some more when we were done!

 Will talked Granny into riding her own horse next to him :)

 We thought this ride was toddler appropriate, but not so much! Notice the serious face...
 This was much more his style! Driving Jeeps round and round! Wahooooo!

 Then we spotted the fire truck ride and it was a must!  He was able to drive it as it went up and down.

 Good 'ole southern BBQ and some sweet tea! Delish!
 See Parker was here too!  He either slept or looked around.  Next year, Will and Parker can tag team the rides together! :)
 To eat a caramel apple means you just lick off all of the caramel ..didn't you know?!

We ended the fair treats with a big ear of corn and the kid crushed it! 

 Thanks for a fun day at the fair Granny!

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