Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woodlawn Lake Weekend!

This past summer we decided here in the 'hood that a lake trip was in order.  Not just some time on the water, but a WHOLE weekend.  So we packed up swim trunks, our pajamas and our chillins and off to Lake Gaston we went!  The house fell into the "MacDaddy" category and it did not disappoint.  Lots of space to lounge around for cartoon time, eat big family dinner style and a playroom for movie watching.
One of the first things the kids did was participate in a scavenger hunt.  Parker helped me orchestrate and keep everyone busy while the other mommas and daddies unpacked and got dinner started.
The pontoon boat was a huge hit with the entire group.  It held 14 people which quickly received the name "Lapetite Boat" vs. the "Party Barge" because we had more goldfish and juice boxes than we knew what to do with.   Whoever wasn't tubing or riding in our boat, then they were on the pontoon cheering (and snacking) for the kiddie in the water.  It was perfect! 
Austin and Wyatt tubing for the first time with the peanut gallery following close behind.
Both mornings, we got up early (our kids don't sleep in on vacation especially when they share the room with us) so we had some great early water boat cruises as a family of four. 
Go Jack! He was the first one to try out the ski trainer and he rocked it with confidence!
Movie time for kiddos while our low country broil was cooking...it was delish!
Dino boy and his little cheeks ;)

We had a great time with the Woodlawn group and hope this becomes an annual trip, even with more families next year!

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