Friday, September 14, 2012

Off to the ZOO!

A summer can't be complete without a trip to the zoo!  So after church last Sunday, we headed to Asheboro to visit the animals (or "mamimals" in 2 year-old language).  
 We walked down to the picnic area and had lunch and then started our zoo adventure!

 We even managed to see "Other Will" from playgroup.  Hey there friend!
 This year, Will was old enough to play and climb in the play area.
  Like I have said before, leaving these places are hard for our little man.  So with a little bribing and promising that we would go see some polar bears next, we eventually left...
 Well, the polar bear exhibit is gone, but the alligators were a big hit for Will!
 Clearly, its time to go or Mommarazzi needs to stop taking pictures!

We had a great time with our little family!  This weekend is another jam packed weekend with lots of fun!

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Cynthia said...

How fun you saw other Will! Looks like a fun day!