Saturday, July 28, 2012

Busy Day With Friends!

 We are loving our membership to the Life & Science Museum this year.  Woodlawn playgroup met there and we spent over 3 hours exploring, playing, making music, splashing, riding the train, visiting animals and then ending with a picnic lunch.
 Will went straight for the water...not entirely shocking. I guess he needed to cool off!

 Snack break with the group

 This is Will's favorite part.  The train could circle around 20 times and he would be content.  He sits completely still and is so amazed that he is on a train.  He is going to love Tweetsie Railroad!

 Digging for those dinosaur bones with Jackson and Wyatt

 He might be able to eat his weight in Dunkin Donuts, however, this kid loves to eat an entire cucumber (no peeling is necessary!) for snack.  He is too funny!

We later watched Baby Estelle for our friends so they could have a date night.  We will be seeing a lot more of her this school year because she will be spending 3 mornings a week with us! Parker is excited :)

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