Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lots of Splashing!

 There has been lots of splashing going on over here!  Between the neighborhood pool and the blowup pools at the house, we are staying cool and having fun!  Last week, Will hosted playgroup for his friends.  They wore their suits and played in the pools, water table and gravel pit with their trucks.  We (the mommas) were able to sit on the deck and actually have full conversations with no interruptions because they were so occupied.  Before we knew it was lunch time, but instead of everyone going home, I whipped up some lunches and the playing and conversations continued!
 Since our Woodlawn camping adventure fell through (or at least until a later date) we decided that we should still do something together.  So we packed up and headed down to the pool and had Chinese takeout. 
 Will tested out his new puddle jumper ;) Since we don't have a baby section at our pool, he will be wearing this a lot!
 Parker chilled the adults, listened to the music and showed off his muscles :)
 Sunday was pretty much the same.  I pulled out the pool for Will after nap, while AP mowed the grass.  Suddenly the neighbors started trickling over and before you know, we had another pizza party in the driveway!  Look at those sardines in the pool :)
Parker hung out next to Baby Brant and watched the madness!


MommyBelle said...

Is he really swimming on his own [with the puddle jumper!?] GO WILL!!!
We just bought one for LB and she kicks to her little hearts content but we have to hold her or she tips forward too much. Gotta start some swim lessons asap!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the little sweeties this weekend....Parpar sitting up in the bumbo and Will swimming with the kids....they are big boys!